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SNOW Robot educativo per bambini


Robot con controllo vocale per l’apprendimento dei bambini sia a casa in ambito privato sia nella scuola primaria con la supervisione degli insegnanti.

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SNOW (8th Generation) Remark
Model Number YA-8-13 Android Version
Size & Weight Out size L550*W600*H1120mm
packing Size L660*W680*H1360mm
Gross Weight 55 kg
Net Weight 32kg
Battery Battery type Lithium Battery
Battery Capacity 20Ah
Duration of service >10 hrs
Standby Time >20 hrs
Charging Time <10 hrs
Facial Expression Facial Type DLP Projection
Facial Quantity 3 types Can change according to different application environment
Touch Screen Type Capacitive multitouch control
Size 13.3″
Resolution Ratio 1920*1080
Control System of Lower body CPU J1900, 4 cores 2.0 GHz
OS ubuntu 14.04 (64-bit)
Control System of Upper body CPU RK3288, 4 cores Cortex-A17, 1.8GHz
GPU ARM Mali-T764, 600MHz
OS Android 5.1.1
Movement performance Speed 0~0.7m/s adjustable
Running Noise (Within 1 meter) ≤55dB
Surmountable obstacle height 12.5mm
Climbing capability
Braking distance ≤100mm
Sensor Head  Microphone *5, Touch sensor *1
Upper body HD camera *1
Lower body Ultrasonic sensor *1, Infrared Sensor *5
Chasis part Odometer *2, 16-meters laser radar*1
Moving components Hand: 2DOF *2, Swing arm back and forth within 45 degrees
Chasis: 5″ driving wheel *2, 2″ Universal Wheel *4 (follow-up)
Voice 360-degree sound source localization
Hi-fi Speakers, maximum support 75dB output
Wireless Network WIFI IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4GHz/5GHz)
Bluetooth 4.0
Indicator light Chasis Blue LED Breathing lamp tape
Two Arms Blue LED Lamp tape
Power Supply Charger Input AC100~240V, 50~60Hz
Charging Pile DC24V5A
Work Environment Working Area Well-lit room
Ground condition Flat floor, carpet wool length<12mm, dry floor
Temperature 0~40°C
Humidity 0~80%